Our Values

This page outlines our values. Culture is a concept that's as hard to capture as it is important to a company. It's not well-defined, it's hard to observe from within and it changes all the time, especially at a high-growth business. Values are the cornerstone of a culture, and we've had a strong sense of our values since the founding of hyperexponential (they were one of the first things Amrit wrote up on Day 1!). Five years on we've had the chance to reflect on, and refine them to better capture the spirit within the letters.

We are owners

We help move hyperexponential forward without being told

  We are passionate  
We are transforming the way one of the largest financial industries in the world uses data to make decisions. This requires exceptional work. Our team is driven by excellence and is committed to achieve exceptional results. No matter how challenging this may be, we love what we do!    
We are accountable  
We value ownership and accountability over micromanagement. We trust hxers to take the initiative and solve problems, fostering individual development and business outperformance.  We don’t need to be asked to dig deep to get the job done.  
  We look forward  
‘That’s how we’ve always done it’ is not how we work at hyperexponential. We don't dwell on the past, nor disregard it, but learn from it. We debate and challenge our decisions and focus on building something even better.  

We push boundaries

We keep going for ourselves and our customers when most would stop

We think without limits      
Transforming the biggest enterprises in the world requires us to seek out the frontier of what's possible in multiple domains of multiple industries. We thrive in complex, usually challenging and sometimes chaotic environments, in fact we find it exciting and rewarding!  
We are ambitious  
We are a restless and high-ambition team, here to become the best version of ourselves by doing hard things, thinking bigger and reaching higher. We embrace voluntary hardship as a means of driving exponential growth and lasting benefits, it motivates us!  
We adapt   
Adaptability is key in a startup, as roles may change significantly over time as the business evolves. This is part of the fun and drives many aspects of our success – embrace it!  

We grow

We learn deeply, by making things. We improve through data and insights

We are problem solvers     
We enjoy working on ambiguous, complex problems where continuous learning, exploration, building and iteration are key to finding the best solution.  
We take a self-development mindset   
We empower individuals to learn independently, efficiently and with a focus on practical useful skills and market insight. We follow the 70-20-10 framework for growth, putting a high emphasis on on-the-job learning experiences and self-directed learning in our own time.  
We embrace feedback     
We value respectful debate and thoughtful disagreement as a lever for growth. We thrive when everyone is prepared to challenge and be challenged, fail fast and maintain an open mind. This also means being able to disagree and commit and respect the expertise of your teammates.  

We go deeper

We apply a thoughtful and customer centric mindset to all we do

We are customers first  
Leading insurers trust our platform to make critical decisions that impact their profits, strategy, and reputation. We take this responsibility seriously, aiming for the gold standard. We put the customer first and communicate transparently, even when that’s uncomfortable.   
We take an outside-in approach  
We focus on deep, rigorous thinking about audience, priorities, and time horizons while considering complexity, trade-offs, and one-way doors. We know the difference between perfect and optimal, shipping an MVP is key for feedback and development!  
We are data driven    
We help companies make better decisions using data. We do the same for ourselves by using data to support our strategy, execution, and performance evaluation. We don't obsess over perfect estimation but find value in collecting data to anchor conversations, focus, plan, and manage workloads fairly.  

We do the right thing

We are usually nice, never disrespectful, and always kind

We value kindness over niceness  
Kindness is helping for the long-term over short-term quick fixes, even if that means picking the harder path. Although kindness sometimes involves tough feedback, our attitude blends drive and high standards with respect and empathy, always considering teammates' growth, success and happiness in how we communicate.  
We honour our commitments   
We proactively build trust, relying on teammates to act in the best interests of the company and customers. To maintain trust, it's crucial to keep our promises, communicate clearly, unambiguously and in a timely manner, with respect of team dependencies.   
We are fiscally responsible    
We treat finances respectfully and expect team members to avoid waste and frivolous expenses. We focus on high-leverage investments in technology, employee experience and benefits that help the company and team level up.