We are hyperexponential, but you can call us hx! Our mission is to drive a step change in the way our clients (typically financial institutions in the insurance sector) use data to make decisions. We do this through our product, Renew, a SaaS platform for building, deploying and updating mathematical models that capture complex datasets and use them to generate insights. We also provide actuarial and technical consultancy services focused on helping our clients best use the Renew platform and the data sets it captures.

Born in November 2017, we have come a long way, transforming from a bootstrapped start-up run by our two founders in their kitchens into a fully fledged international scaleup, raising a Series A in early 2021. Our continued growth, success and happiness is driven by our culture, about which we all care very deeply; we expect that if you are "hx material", you will too!

We've therefore decided to make some parts of our Culture Documentation public. You can read more below; the Culture and Values pages are more "high-level", and the Core Principles and Way of Working documents are a little more "execution-orientated", but most documents of this type at hx, are, like hx itself, more principles based as opposed to a rigid rulebook. We hope you find them useful!

Our Culture
Our Values
The hx Core Principles
Our Way of Working
Work-Life Fit at hx

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